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What is presbyopia?

It is the difficulty to see things up close, this happens to most people at about age 40. This happens when the lens becomes hardened (the natural lens of the eye, which is located behind the iris) and loses its elasticity. Gradually, we lose the ability to adapt and focus on objects at close range. People who are shortsighted usually have later presbyopia, and the far-sighted earlier.

What are your symptoms?


The main symptom and why most of our patients come into our practice, is because they are not be able to see things clearly up close. They first appear blurred, and you have to hold things further away when reading or working on something in order to see more clearly. Over time, the distance needed to see up close increases and we often need to change the strength of our glasses.

How can you fix it?

With glasses or surgery. The surgery involves the removal of the lens, which has lost the ability to focus up close and to use in its place an intraocular lens. In the future the patient will never need cataract surgery.

Who can be operated on?

Anybody. In addition, we can in the same operation correct both nearsightedness, farsightedness as well as astigmatism, so that you no longer require glasses that you wore when you were young.

How long does the surgery take?

It is carried out in our operating theatre and takes about 30 minutes. The patient can then go home. It is not painful.



Presbyopy occurs in people over 45 years, nowadays there exist surgery treatment with PRELEX- PREMIUM technology.

What makes these PRELEX- lenses?

It allows in most cases a good distance vision, intermediate vision, and vision in the near area, where the phenomena of "glare" (visual nocturnal rays wreaths) and Dysphotopsia (sense of fog, etc.) are minimized to almost disappear, and it can be almost always dispensed spectacles.
prelex presbicia mujeres

How are these lenses?

The new lens with bifocal design, is the only multifocal lens, it has a design to allow for a smoother transition between the zone of distance vision and near vision zone.

And if I have astigmatism, this is also corrected?

There are no restrictions in the correction of astigmatism, so that it is possible to correct patients with different refractive errors as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism associated with presbyopia.

And if I have a cataract?prelex presbicia mayores

Cataract patients with a certain degree of evolution can also benefit from this technique. Also, the patients without cataract : after treatment with PRELEX - PREMIUM they don´t need cataract surgery in the future, because it is an intraocular lens, which requires the removal of the natural lens.

How do I know whether this technique is suitable for me?

By answering these questions:prelexpresbicia4

• Do you have trouble seeing or reading everything near and far?
• Do you have difficulty seeing while driving?
• Do not use bifocal or progressive lenses?
• You frequently change the strength of your glasses?
• Do the glasses annoy you in your daily activities?

prelex presbicia If you have answered yes to any of the above questions , it could be that you have presbyopia, cataract, or both, this also means that your sight can affect your quality of life and that you may need a certain visual solution as PRELEX- PREMIUM.

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